Catering and Liquor Information

Springbrook Nature Center and the City of Fridley does not endorse any specific vendor. If you are only planning to serve food at your event (no alcohol), the caterer of your choice may be used.

Are you planning on serving alcohol at your event?

We would like your event to be successful and would be happy to help with your questions. When alcohol is being served, there are a few things you need to know.

You cannot bring in your own alcohol. Alcohol and food must be provided by the same vendor, and that caterer must register with the City of Fridley at least 30 days prior to the event. The caterer must also provide an event notification for each event it serves at within the city.

Any business wishing to serve alcohol at Springbrook Nature Center should contact Fridley City Clerk, Deb Skogen, at 763-572-3523 for information on registration with the City of Fridley. This is required for any business serving or providing alcohol in Fridley.  

Click Here for a List of Currently Registered Liquor Caterers, Forms and Additional Information

*A security officer must also be on site during alcohol service. This is contracted through the Fridley Police Department and a fee of $100/hr is added to the rental total.