Solicitor License

Door-To-Door Sales in Fridley Requires a Permit!
Solicitor = An individual who goes to a resident's home, knocks on the door and offers a service or product. Delivering flyers is not considered door-to-door solicitation unless you stop to talk to the homeowner about your product/service or knock on a door. If you are conducting door-to-door sales in Fridley, you MUST obtain a Solicitor License.

The Solicitor License Application is a 5 page form plus a required Police Investigation Consent Form. Pages 1-4 and the Police Investigation Consent Form must be completed by the business; page 5 and the background consent must be completed by each individual solicitor. Background Consent is completed by both the business and the individual solicitor.
The fee for each individual solicitor is $60. There is no fee for the business.

The typical approval time is approximately 2 weeks. We do try to expedite this timeframe following major storms and when possible.

Solicitor License Application and Police Investigation Consent Form
Please complete all 6 pages (pages 1-4 and page 6 by Business, and pages 5-6 by Solicitor) and return with $60 fee (per individual solicitor) to Fridley City Hall.
Please Note: Police Investigation Consent Form is required by both the business and individual solicitor.