Tree Sale

The City of Fridley is offering reduced-cost trees for $15-$25 to help enhance our urban forest in anticipation of the loss of ash trees due to emerald ash borer. Help our urban forest become more resilient by planting a tree in your yard. Trees improve air and water quality, increase property values, lower energy bills and provide valuable wildlife habitat. To purchase, submit your order by March 31 online or by calling 763-572-3594.

The Tree Sale is run through our Recreation Program software "Perfect Mind". To purchase a tree, you must first create an account in this program, similar to registering for an event. Once your account is created you can purchase trees or sign up for the City’s recreation programs. To order more than one tree of any species, please add an additional family member to your account (or duplicate your name). There is a limit of two trees per species per household. Purchased trees will be available for pick-up on May 9 from 9-11 a.m. at the Fridley Civic Campus Plaza. Please bring your order confirmation. No refunds or warranties. Please call 763-572-3594 with any questions.

*New* Scout Troop 167 is offering delivery and planting of trees purchased through the tree sale to residents who need assistance based on scout availability. Please contact the troop leader directly to coordinate. Thank you Troop 167!

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Tree Tips

  • It’s the law to call Gopher State One Call (651-454-0002) at least three days before digging. They will mark buried utility lines for your safety.
  • Plant trees at least fifteen feet away from underground and overhead utilities
  • You will receive a brochure containing information about tree planting and care when you pick up your tree.
  • Save money on energy by planting large shade trees on the west or east side of your home.
  • Trees will vary in size depending on species; average between 3-8′ tall.
  • Large trees should be planted at least 15 feet away from nearby power lines and/or buildings.
  • You may choose someone else to pick up your trees, but they must bring your confirmation form.