Village Green Basin Expansion

The City of Fridley Engineering Division has been working on improvements to the existing stormwater basin on the Village Green property for several years.   In general, the plans are to remove sediment in the basin to increase the flood storage of the basin to the maximum extent possible.  

This will also increase the infiltration capacity of this basin and will provide both flood protection for the adjacent properties, and improved water quality for Rice Creek. Additional project elements include modifying the outlet control structure, addition of a pretreatment structure to reduce future maintenance of the basin, establishment of an improved community garden area, and education and outreach illustrating the improvements to Village Green residents and the community.

 The project is expected to start in December 2020 with excavation work during the cold months.  Final completion and restoration of the disturbed areas will be finished in the spring of 2021 with final completion by June 2021.

New Picture

The work will be funded through multiple grants and sources including: $50,000 from the property owner Dominium; $100,000 from a Metropolitan Council Grant previously approved by the City Council; $100,000 from the RCWD 2020 Urban Stormwater Remediation Cost-Share Program; and approximately $50,000 from the City of Fridley.