Skyline Park


Address 5880 2nd Street
Start Date Summer 2023
End Date Fall 2023
Current Status Construction
Park Type Mini Park
Size 0.9 Acres
Special Use None

Current Status

Demolition of the existing playground equipment is anticipated to begin late August. The new equipment and picnic shelter will be installed immediately after removals with construction of the new walkways, seating areas, accessibility improvements, basketball court and other sitework to begin in late September. Given the nature of the work and heavy equipment used, the park will remain closed during construction for safety purposes. Substantial completion is expected by late October. An update will be provided later this fall as to when we can expect it to reopen.

Updated August 17, 2023

This mini park services a neighborhood with a high amount of underserved populations. It contains a popular full basketball court and playground with fencing around the perimeter and utilizes much of the park property. 


General recommendations includes redevelopment with some modifications to the layout to make the most of the park land available for an improved recreational experience. 

Recommendations include: 

  • Replace playground equipment meeting a broader range of challenge levels and age groups 
  • ADA compliant playground surfacing
  • Add in specialty unique challenge or fitness area
  • Drinking fountain 
  • New picnic shelter or unique shade structure 
  • Reconstruct full basketball court further away from the playground and include artistic elements to backstop fencing to contain balls
  • Security light 


Playground Design


Current Conditions

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