License Fee

Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses are now issued for the lifetime of the dog, or until its ownership is transferred. New dog licenses are $25.

All dogs over 6 months must be licensed with the city and vaccinated against rabies. By applying for a license, the owner accepts responsibility to keep the dog’s rabies vaccination current. The license tag must be affixed to the dog’s collar.

Dogs in Fridley must be leashed unless confined in the owner’s yard or confined within the city’s fenced dog park.

Online payment not yet available. Download Dog License Application

Saunas and Massage Parlor Licensing

Click Here to View City Code Chapter 125: Defining Saunas and Massage Parlors
Click Here to View City Code Chapter 205: Home Occupation and Massage Therapy Business Locations/Zoning

To operate a business devoted solely to massage therapy, the business must be licensed and the therapist certified by conforming to the requirements established in Chapter 125, specifically:

  • Complete a detailed City of Fridley application;
  • Provide evidence of qualifications to practice massage;
  • Provide character references; and
  • Follow all other guidelines listed in Section 125.06.

All applications are then submitted to our police department for internal approval. The City does allow exceptions, as specified in Section 125.03. Furthermore, a bona fide massage therapist is exempt from licensing requirements provided they can provide proof of meeting the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 150 hours certified therapeutic massage therapy training by a bona fide state or natural therapeutic massage organization of which the massage therapist is a member in good standing.
  2. A current membership, in good standing, with a bona fide national or state therapeutic massage organization (approved by the city) with a written and enforceable code of ethics.
  3. Insurance coverage of one million dollars for personal liability in the practice of therapeutic massage.

If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact the City Clerk at 763-572-3523. If you have any questions regarding home occupations or business regulations, please contact the Community Development Department at (763) 572-3592.

Garbage Haulers and Roll-off Vendors

Click Here for a List of Licensed Haulers/Vendors

Solicitors and Peddlers

Tree Services

Liquor Licensing