Land Use Applications and Forms

The City's Planning staff oversee many land use applications, which are described below. Please call us at (763) 572-3592 for help on any of these forms or for determining what you need.

There is one schedule for the application deadline and review of all land use items listed below. See the Planning Commission Review Schedule (PDF). 

Comprehensive Plan Amendment The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document for the future development of Fridley. Each City in the metropolitan area is required to update their plan every 10 years. Residents who wish to make changes to sections of the comprehensive plan may make application to the City with their proposed changes. Application Form and Instructions

Rezoning A change to the City's official zoning map that effects a change in the nature, density, or intensity of uses allowed on a designated parcel or land area. Application Form and Instructions

S-2 Redevelopment District Development Any change made to a property in the S-2 zoning districts requires master plan approval from the Planning Commission and City Council. Application Form and Instructions

Signs Issued for allowable signage based on the zoning ordinance. Sign Permits are required for all new, relocated, modified, or redesigned signs within the City of Fridley. More information, including permit application forms, instructions, and contractor's license applications can be found on our Sign Permits page.

Special Use Permit Issued for those uses of property specifically authorized by a zoning ordinance, but not permitted unless reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council so that stipulations may be placed upon approval to ensure compatibility with surrounding properties. Application Form and Instructions

Subdivision for Plat/Lot Split Process for dividing land into two or more lots. The plat process involves laying out the parcel into lots, blocks, streets, and easements. A lot split is simply dividing a single parcel into two individual parcels that can be described as a simple fractional part of an existing City approved plat. Application Form and Instructions

Telecommunications Site Permit A permit is necessary to locate telecommunication towers and equipment within the City of Fridley. Sites that are not already approved also need to obtain a special use permit. Application Form and Instructions

Temporary Outdoor Display Permit This permit is for businesses to have a temporary sales of merchandise outside of there building. The merchandise needs to be associated with the business on the property. These displays are allowed twice a year with a permit.
 Application Form and Instructions

Text Amendment A change to the City's official code that effects the nature of a City ordinance. Application Form and Instructions

TOD Master Plan Any development with in the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District, requires master plan approval from the Planning Commission and the City Council. Application Form and Instructions

Vacation of Street, Alley, or Easement The City's termination of, or termination of interest in, an easement, street, or alleyway. Application Form and Instructions

Variances Allows a deviation from the dimensional (i.e. Height, bulk, yard) requirements of the zoning ordinance. Variances may be sought in all zoning districts and for signs. There is one application form for Residential, Commercial/Industrial, and Signs.

Variance Application and submittal requirements for practical difficulties

Maps Zoning - The zoning districts in Fridley are shown on the Zoning Map

Shoreland Overlay - A Shoreland Overlay text amendment passed in early 2006. This amendment affects all parcels that are adjacent to a lake, river, stream or pond. The setbacks are consistent with other sections of code. One difference is the restriction of impervious surface coverage to 35% of the lot. You may view the Shoreland Overlay code, Section 205.32 O-7, on the web site and use this link to view the Shoreland Overlay Map.

Non-Conforming Expansion Permit - An expansion permit may be approved administratively through the City's Community Development Director or Planning Manager for an existing non-conforming structure. It is specific to the expansion of an existing non-conforming structure that isn't expanding on non-conforming aspect of the property. (For example: an existing house doesn't meet the 25 ft. front yard setback, and a property owner wants to add an addition to the back of the home. Provided the addition meets the rear yard setback, an expansion permit may be approved to acknowledge the non-conforming front yard setback.) This permit does not replace the necessity for a building permit.

Non-Conforming Expansion Permit Application