Licensed Solicitors

Wondering who to call for tree trimming or waste hauling? Wondering about the person knocking on your door to sell driveway coating?

The City of Fridley requires certain businesses to be licensed with the City in order to do business. These businesses undergo police background checks for your safety. This page offers you some help with who to call for your next project and when to be wary of someone knocking on your door.

Solicitors / Peddlers

(any business that goes door-to-door to sell products or services; this does not include non-profit youth groups like scouts or schools)
If you are interested in obtaining a Solicitor License, please click here for more information and an application.

Below is a list of currently licensed solicitors with the City of Fridley:

Tree Trimmers and Tree Services

Below is a list of currently licensed tree service businesses with the City of Fridley:

Waste Haulers

A list of garbage haulers and roll-off vendors licensed with the City of Fridley is located on our CitizenServe program. This list will be helpful for new residents looking to set up waste collection, current residents looking to compare rates, businesses needing hauler services and homeowners doing remodeling projects.

View the list of Waste Haulers