What are the water and sewer rates?
Click below to go to Utility Billing. Here you can find the various ways to pay your bill including online payments and automatic payments, as well as see the current rates water, sewer, stormwater and recycling.Utility Billing and Rates

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1. What setting should I use for my water softener?
2. What is the water hardness in Fridley?
3. Does Fridley have a watering ban?
4. What should I do if the water in my home is rusty?
5. What part of the water line is the city responsible for?
6. What should I NOT put down the drain?
7. What should I do if I smell sewer gas?
8. How do I report a broken street light?
9. Can I submit my water meter reading online?
10. Can I pay my water/sewer bill online?
11. What are the water and sewer rates?