Why have the stormwater ponds filled in with debris?

Stormwater ponds are designed to accumulate sediment in order to protect natural, downstream waterbodies. This sediment is washed from roadways into the ponds via the stormsewer system. If the sediment didn’t filter out in these stormwater ponds, it would be carried into Rice Creek and the Mississippi River and negatively impact the water quality and ecological function of these waterways. Naturally occurring leaf fall and vegetative cycles can also contribute to material accumulation within the stormwater ponds; however, this can be exacerbated by the illegal dumping of yard waste. As the yard waste decomposes, it contributes organic material and nutrients which increase the amount of algae leading to decreased oxygen and odor.

Stormwater ponds must be periodically dredged in order to function. A lack of access easements and a maintenance plan has prevented the City from performing the required maintenance on the stormwater ponds in the Farr Lake area. 

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2. Why have the stormwater ponds filled in with debris?
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